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Children’s joy and happiness is a big part of their learning. At Jus Kids STEM Academy, we encourage them to have fun as a part of their education, with child-led activities which are adapted to their abilities and interests. We use Abeka and Preschool Palace Curricula to help children develop as a whole, academically, socially, and emotionally.


Abeka Curriculum

The Abeka Curriculum is designed to make learning accessible for children because of its comprehensive design; material taught in one subject is reinforced in other subjects. As students begin to grasp what’s being taught, newly acquired concepts and skills are fortified time and again using a method often referred to as spiral learning.

Abeka has three main aims, which align with those of Jus Kids Academy:

Intellectual Growth

As with any curriculum, our focus is on helping students to develop intellectually. This will look different for each child, but we focus on traditional milestones, with a strong focus on phonics and reading.

Moral Growth

We teach children to understand the difference between right and wrong. Teaching social skills such as sharing and turn-taking helps to instill moral values in our children; we use biblical stories to support this process.

Spiritual Growth

By infusing Christian teachings into the curriculum, students grow spiritually, applying biblical truths to their own lives and understanding the role of prayer and Scripture.

Preschool Palace

The Preschool Palace curriculum program is designed for children ages 3-5 years old, with daily lesson plans including circle time activities or themes, a movement activity, sensory activity, craft ideas, and a worksheet.

This range of activities provides children with a variety of activities each day, giving them the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways and ensures they aren’t sitting for too long. Every day, we strive to promote children’s cognitive, social, gross motor, fine motor, and other kindergarten readiness skills.

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